Notations On Our World: On #UNGA70 , #HAJJStampede & Other Thoughts

As we went to press here, we have been on the "Virtual Road" as the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly is getting under way as well as the Sustainable Development Summit and of course, the visit of the Holy Father that we released a Notation earlier.     We will be discussing the #GlobalGoals in our Visions Channel over the ensuing weeks 
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The World is converging on Europe, including Iran's President who landed in New York a few hours ago accompanied by a delegation including the Foreign Minster, Dr. Zarif:

We have also been assessing the grim news out of Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the death of over 700 Pilgrims during the Hajj Stampede.    Our team received reports of over 200 Iranians injured and the number of death are apparently around 12 (as reported by IRNA--According to China Daily, it is upward of 89).    We're also seeing reports that the intiial reports of 717 dead may rise.    There have also been Indian Injuries.    Saudi King Salman has promised a thorough inquiry as his Health Minister blamed the victims for "not following directions" as noted by the Guardian of London. 

The Iranian President issued out a message of condolence and directive to his First Vice President on steps to be taken to take care of the wounded and to transfer the bodies of the fallen back to Iran.   Ayatollah Khameini, the Supreme Guide (Leader), declared three days of national morning in honor of the fallen.    The Holy Father also remembered the fallen when he spoke at St. Paul's Catheral  in New York:

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