Notations On Our World: On the Iran Deal

The Iran Deal is done.    The Obama Adminstration has secured the necessary votes to sustain the President's Veto.   This is as in a recent interview with Al Monitor's Barbara Slavin, The Iranian Majlis (Parliament) speaker, Ali Larijani (a former negotiator himself) praised the President's wisdom in this regard.   The magic number, though, is 41 to secure a filibuster proof majority so that the President does not have to wield his veto pen.   Our team found it quite hilarious that Roger Cohen of the New York Time referred to the Iran Deal as the "Obamacare of Foreign Policy".   His final closing thoughts was telling, though: "...Here’s some breaking news for Aipac: Iran is a nuclear-threshold state today. The great merit of the deal is to slash and ring-fence acquired Iranian nuclear capacity until 2030. To say that is not in Israel’s security interest is utterly unpersuasive...."   

This morning's New York Times reported on the strategy by the Democrats to secure the deal from day one.    The House Democratic Caucus (with few exceptions) has pretty much held together as well.     However, there will be moves made by the GOP caucus for a "Plan B" which includes a renewal of the Iran Sanctions Act for an additional 10 years.   The so-called Plan B includes moves by US States as noted in a recent Al Monitor Report.   Senator Rubio and Governor Walker came out noting that they would abrogate the deal on day one and that it does not have any "legal standing".    They say they will get US allies to go along with it.   However the reality is otherwise as Iran's emergence has already begun.     The President is also going to be "pressing the flesh" as he hosts King Salman of Saudi Arabia at the White House.

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