Notations From the Grid: On A Challenging World & Hope

As we went to press with this early edition of "Notations", our team is watching a special on the plight of refugees broadcasting on Al Jazeera.    It was also quite distressing as we reviewed reports from the New York Times on Sunday as we reviewed reporting on all who are eyeing to leave conflict zones.    The number of Passport requests has risen 5-fold in Afghanistan to 5,000 a day as the Taliban are wrecking havoc throughout Afghanistan and as refugees continue to suffer ever more escaping the trouble spots of our World.

We wanted to share this our founder released earlier that we hope brings some sense of hope especially on this World Peace Day:

The Holy Father's 10 Secret to Happiness is truly something to aspire to.   It was also of note as we were reminded of the acronym Hope: 
  • Hang On
  • Pain Ends
It is small comfort to the thousands who have been displaced by war and not forgetting this old admonition:

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