Notation On Our World : On the Elections in #Canada

One of the fascinating elections is in Canada as the NDP is battling the Conservatives and a resurgent Liberal Party for the NDP Leader, Tom Mulcair to be the next Prime Minister of Canada.   Canada has some profound challenges especially as the Economy has experienced a recession in part due to the collapse of the oil prices.    This very interesting email was sent out a few days ago to underscore the challenge faced by the NDP and a follow-up fundraiser was sent out by Catherine Mulcair, the wife of the NDP Leader.

It will be an interesting three weeks in Canada and we will continue to assess and release Notations as developments warrant as a build-up to the election and the aftermath.   


We've got 24 days until Election Day.
That's not a lot of time! And we've got to keep closing the fundraising gap with Stephen Harper.
If you're one of the 13,571 people who donated online in September...
Thumbs up!
But if we don't step it up we're in trouble. Because we're up against Stephen Harper's well-connected insiders and their chequebooks. Here's how that breaks down:
1 bank CEO donating a maximum of $3000 equals 46 grassroots donors giving an average of $65.21.
So, can we win if we're outspent? Yes. But we've got to close that gap as much as we can.
A team of volunteers mobilizing millions of voters is more powerful than any Conservative attack ad.
More people like you chipping in is how we win.
If you pitch in today you'll be closing this gap...
...supporting people like this and helping to make Tom Mulcair...
...the next Prime Minister of Canada.

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