View of the Week: ON @POTUS #JFK #Peace Speech & #Vote4Peace

August 6, 2015 saw the current @POTUS (that's President of the United States in "Twitter Speak")  gave a pivotal speech on the Iran Deal.   Once again, he addressed the critiques head on as millions are being spent on opposition to the deal (please click here to visit the White House For the speech),    It has been quite ironic how the advocacy of war was so similar to the buildup to the Iraq War.   It was that opposition that led to the launch of what has evolved into #Outsiders today.

The speech by the current @POTUS echoed the speech by another @POTUS as how he reminded us all to reflect upon how man-made problems can be solved if the desire and courage is at hand.   It was about a yearning for peace which our World is yet to realize today.      

Our team could not help but ask:  Will courage prevail in the quest for #Vote4Peace and to not accept the fate that man is doomed.    Can man be big enough to solve a practical quest for Peace that President Kennedy noted for the sake of all?    

As our team reflected upon both speeches today, we could not help but wonder about similar the circumstances are we are faced with today.    
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