Notations On Our World (Special Edition): The Death of Julian Bond

Representative-elect Julian Bond sits with chin in hands after being instructed by the clerk of the Georgia House of Representatives to refrain from taking the oath of office as it was administered to other House members in Atlanta on Jan. 10, 1966. Bond was refused the oath in response to a legislative petition growing out of his endorsement of a controversial stand on Vietnam expressed by Student Nonviolent Coordiating Committee head John Lewis.

Julian Bond has passed away.   He was a co-founder of the Student Non-Violence Coordinating Committee and the Southern Poverty Law Center and served as a long-time Board Chairman of the NAACP.    This image depicts him as he was barred from taking the oath of Office in the Georgia House in 1966 after he endorsed a statement on opposition to the war in Vietnam by the head of Student Non-Violence Coordinating Committee, John Lewis (Now a Congressman).     

Tributes have been coming in fast and furious over the "Social Grid" and our Founder shared this over his personal twitter feed earlier:

He made a difference and we here at #Outsiders salute him and pray that his soul RIP.

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