Notations On Our World: An #Outsider Newsflash On This Historic Day in #Havana

It was a beautiful sunny day in Havana as The flag of the United States has just been raised over the US Embassy in Havana for the first time in 54 Years.   The poem by Richard Blanco on belonging to the sea was just beautiful beyond words.   This was as the Secretary of State gave a rousing speech as he underscored how a new day has arrived--this is the first time that a US Secretary of State has been on Cuban soul since 1945.

We found it quite a nice touch as he delivered part of his speech in what he viewed as near flawless Spanish and culminated with a simple admonition that all diplomats remember:  Promises made, promises kept.  The Embassy Marine Contingent in 1961 that brought down the flag for the last time were there to hand off the flag to the Embassy Marine Contingent Havana 2015 who in turn raised the flag.   

Fun to be witness to history....
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