Notations On Our World: On a Very Tough WeekEnd in the Middle East

As a new week dawns here in #Outsiders, our team has been on the "prowl" as we've been witness yet again to another horrific week.    The wars in Syria, Libya and Iraq are continuing with no end in sight.    As part of our on-going assessment, one very disturbing program we saw was a BBC Documentary titled, "Civilization Under Attack".     What was striking was how one described the destruction of what Daesh/IS is doing to the 4500 archaeological sites as "rape".     It was a tough program to watch--and yes our team was ever so on board on how the foresight by Europeans have helped to preserve our heritage. They talked about how Daesh can make $ 250,000 on a small cylinder.    It must be watched by all by clicking here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0615mxc

What we also was witness to was the horrific attack in Jersuelaum at the Gay Pride Parade.  One of the victims, 16-year old Shira Banki, died of her wounds:

High school student Shira Banki, 16, has died after succumbing to stab wounds she sustained in an attack on a Gay Pride march in Jerusalem on Thursday

This was also as earlier in the week Al Monitor documented a disturbing trend on how The Israeli Security Cabinet came out in opposition to the deal without even having read the deal and without apparently even consulting the security establishment: 

The struggle over the #IranDeal will gather pace though as The Israeli Prime Minister is about to make a speech to American Jewish supporters and the President making a major speech on Wednesday.   This is also as the Obama Adminstration will not contest the Parole of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard--although he is not able to leave the United States for five years: 

As we went to press, we saw reports that Amal Clooney has filed motions to vacate the death sentence against Saif Gaddafi, the Son of the late Libyan leader Qaddafi.   With the current chaos in Libya, one wonders where this will all lead,      '

It is bound to be another interesting and challenging week.

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