Notations on Our World: On the #US Political Scene (A Brief Newsflash w/Updated Notations on #Canada)

Tonight is the night for the GOP as Fox News is hosting the GOP candidate debates which concluded a few hours ago.    The highlights are now available here (Courtesy of the Guardian of London and Fox News).    No one was spared.   The Supreme Court, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and "Washington" was all in their sights along with the Iran Deal.   The current 1st Tier candidates will also be on in Cleveland later on tonight. 

The US Cable Show Networks have been discussing the possibilities and the roadmap ahead with one story noting how Senator Rubio and Governor Walker are favored by the GOP Voters.   The broad consensus say that Carly Fiorina won based on a Twitter "Vote" that Fox ran. O'Reilly Factor is also on now as Bill O'Reilly notes how Fiorina was authoritative and firm in her delivery and featuring a brief overview of the current Tier 1 candidates by the reporters and associates covering the current candidates as the "Big Show" is before us here and now.    It is now "live" as Brett Bauer, Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly are now live and on the air.

As the battle continues, Carly Fiornia just sent out a Fundraising request:

CARLY for America

What’s wrong with this picture?
The only CEO of a fortune 20 company and the candidate with the best plan for our country’s future is missing.
Carly Fiorina isn't on that stage. She sounds different, she has a different experience, and she even looks different, but the media has decided it doesn't matter.
What is missing from the prime time debate is the positive vision that only a candidate who's had the wide variety of experiences that Carly has had can bring to the table. Keeping her out is a mistake. It is terrible for our party. It is bad for our country. It is just plain wrong.

Beyond the US, there is Canada. The major Canadian parties are also having their first debate after The Prime Minister announced the dissolution of Parliament. It will be another very interesting campaign as the NDP seems to be the frontrunner. 

Never a dull moment throughout our World.....
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