Notations On our World: On #Iraq & #Syria

This was an image captured in an edition of the Wall Street Journal as the chaos continues to engulf Iraq.   What we have found quite interesting is how an Iraqi Parliamentary Committee has found that Nouri Al Maliki and at least 30 other officials were directly responsible for the fall of Mosul which IS/#Daesh continues to hold even today.

As we have been assessing this, it is also of interest to note that Malaki and the current Prime Minister are both members of the Al Dawa which is a Shitte based party that is strongly supported by Iran.  It must also be noted that Iran is currently on the frontlines of the fight against IS/#Daesh.  It is also of note how the current Prime Minister has made some major decisions on Government reorganization.   Such decisions have included the elimination ofthe post of Vice President and a considerable streamlining of the Government in response to nationwide protests.   Our team will continue to monitor this major development.

Beyond Iraq is Syria.   We here @ #Outsiders join many around the World as we mourn the brutal execution of the head of antiquities in Palyrmia, Khaled al-Asaad.        This 82-year Old Scholar dedicated over 50 years of his life to preservi ng the heritage of our World.     As we went to press with this latest edition of "Notations",  we reviewed reporting by the Guardian of London that he refused to disclose the hidden treasures in that city which led to his execution. 

A 2002 picture of Khaled al-Asaad in front of a rare sarcophagus from Palmyra depicting two priests dating from the first century.

As we mourned this hero, we were also horrifed as we saw this image captured so beautifully by the New York Times on the true face of the misery of Syria :

Laith Majid from Syria, holding his son and daughter, cried for joy after arriving safely in Kos from nearby Bodrum,...
Posted by The New York Times on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A tough 24 hours yet again.....
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