Notations On Our World: On A Challenging W-End In Our World....

It has been quite a weekend here throughout the World.   During our "daily roundup on the Web, we ran across this courtesy of +Haaretz הארץ published on the Web on Sunday:

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This depicted the very challenging relationship between the Jews and Arabs.      This is as Daesh (known as IS in the West), blew up the temple in Palymria  shortly after it executed the local head of antiquities.  We remembered this hero in our edition of "Notations" Published last week.   What we also found of curious interest was Israeli Oil Imports as reported by +i24news EN .    It was noted that 77% of Israeli Oil Imports came from Iraqi Kurdistan which has helped to underwrite the war effort against Daesh.     

In addition to the challenging history as depicted above, an article on the Israeli Prime Minister, (available by clicking here) also reported in +Haaretz הארץ painted a devastating picture of a Prime Minister who seems only in continuing in office at all cost--as epitomized by his appointment of the UN Ambassador.    This is as the Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, has called the current Prime Minister weak and indecisive.   This is also as the Mayor of Jerusleaum, Nir Barkat, has announced a bid for the Likud leadership.    He believes in the unity of Jerusleaum and underscored this repeatedly.   This was underscored in the BBC Documentary that is available here for the next 11 Months.   The Train that dividies Jerusleaum is the symbolic status of the true nature of the City and the challenging history the World has been witness to.

We have also been assessing the situation in Lebanon.   Lebanon has no defacto government and the rubbish problem in Beirut has led to demonstrations against the Government.   This is as Hezbollah has continued to be the de facto government in the South and as it continues its' war supporting Bashar Assad.       We also were quite surprised to see reports of Mahmoud Abbas planning a visit to what he deemed the Sister State of Iran especially as the debate over the Iran Agreement continues.  It was quite a development as US Senator Reid of Nevada announced his support on Sunday.     

It is also quite disconcerting as we went to press with our first edition of Notations for the week as to how the markets have continued to be devastated by the uncertainty in World Markets.    The Sensex in India has tanked some 1,000 points and the Nifty is below 8,000.    This is as we reported on our Twitter feed on the carnage in Chinese Markets.   China is especially worrisome as the slowdown in the Economy is worst than Chinese leaders have feared especially as the fight over corruption continues.  This New York Times article lays out a worrisome picture of the reality in China today.    Furthermore, Our team released a Twitter Feed on the carnage on China's markets on the Daily Outsider Twitter Feed.  As we assessed the continued carnage, it shows that China Officialdom is also concerned.

Challenging Times.....

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