An #Outsider Newsflash (8/21/2015): On Markets

One of the major developments this week has been the markets.  This is the snapshot available on Bigcharts for two of the key indices in the United States as reported by http://www.bigcharts.com within the past hour: 

Beyond that, there is the price of Oil.    It is at its lowest since 2009.    There is some worry that the continued depressed price of Oil points to a slowdown in demand as driven by the situation in China.   Challenging times indeed.    

What is further contributing to this turmoil is the continued political turmoil that is fueling the flame.  Our team was busy w/daily Twitter curation with updates from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.    As we went to press, we saw reports of Israel attacking Syrian positions in retaliation for missle attacks.    Syrian Army had fired anti-aircraft missiles as Israel launched retaliatory airstrikes.  
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