Notations on Our World (Special Edition) : On the #Vote4Peace Quest//From the UN News Centre - #UNSC adopts resolution endorsing Iran nuclear deal

Our Team has been "Virtually Breathless" today as it has been assessing a good day in Our World.  Today was the day that all members of the UN Security Council endorsed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that is slated to come into effect in 90 Days.   This is as the debate in the United States continues to be heated over this as noted in the fierce debate that raged on the US Public Affairs by leading political figures in the United States. 

It is of note, though, that a speech by the Iranian Supreme Leader (Guide), Ayatollah Khameini, underscored no marked change in Iran Policy beyond the nuclear question.   The reality on the ground will dictate otherwise--as has been noted in Iraq and to a lesser extent, Afghanistan.    

The full update from the UN is available by visiting the UN Website here at :  

United Nations News Centre - Security Council adopts resolution endorsing Iran nuclear deal

As we went to press, we just received word that the French Foreign Minister will visit Iran next week. We view it as a major development.

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