Notations On Our World (Special Edition): There is a deal on #IranTalks (with updated notations on News Conference & Presidential Statements)

There is a deal!!!
بیانیه مشترک ظریف - موگرینی: این پایان مذاکره و تداوم همکاری مشترک است

The World Powers and Iran have agreed on a deal on Iran's Nuclear Program.     It has been a long, arduous road for all for sure.  The possibilities are limitless though for all.   

For the World, it represents an opportunity to open up the World largest emerging Market of 80 Million Customers with 50% of them being under the age of 35.    It means access to about $ 100 Billion worth of frozen assets.    More importantly, it represents a major milestone in that a major challenge for World Peace has been mitigated without a shot being fired.  Key points of the agreement are noted here as reported by Iran's Fars News Agency.  

Based on what has been reported so far, it is a 100-Page Document outlining key milestones that have to be achieved.  The Israeli Prime Minister has already weighed in about how historic a mistake the agreement is.   +i24news EN  just noted comments by Israeli Opposition Leader  Herzog  that, "...Israel's Interest were abandoned because of Netanyahu's personal rift with President Obama..."    Israel has already said it will exhaust every effort to scuttle the deal.   This is as @Haaretz is just reporting that Israel has received an official copy of the agreement.   Arab Media, though, have been "disappointed" as a Saudi Official came out and said that it may be detrimental to the Region. 

Opposition in the US will be fierce as the 60-Day Timeline called for in the law enacted by Congress is triggered.    Millions have already been spent by groups such as SecureAmerica and other groups in opposition.   But there is also quite a coalition for the agreement as well--including @NIAC and its ' sister organization, NIAC-Action, +J Street , The Presbyterian Church and others.     Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton who spreaheaded the infamous letter was on a number of talk shows with his views opposing the deal as The Chair of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee came out with a sense of "Deep Scepticism" on the question as the debate cycle begins in the US. 

This agreement is also bound to be a challenge for President Rouhani in Iran as well due to profound Conservative Opposition--although the Political Establishment is behind the agreement as epitomized by snipets on the Islamic Republic News Network noting how the Iranian Nation was behind the agreement.   IRNA, Iran's Official News Agency, is also reporting that Iran's Chief Scientist, Dr Salehi, has said that none of the red lines have been crossed.     

The Vienna News concluded  as both the +European Commission Foreign Policy Chief and the Iranian Foreign Minister are making their statements on this question.    The Agreement will be available later on as the agreement will be presented to the UN Security Council for the lifting of all UN sanctions.   President Obama has also begun his statement on this from the White House with Vice President Biden at his side.   He reitrated his vow to veto any attempt to scuttle the deal.   President Rouhani is right now speaking in Tehran on this major development as his official Twitter Account advised the World to be ready:

Witness to history....

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