Notations On Our World: On #IranTalks (the Latest)

The drama around the Iran Talks continues in earnest.      Earlier, our team released this from Israel on the @DailyOutsider Twitter Feed:

There has also been some interesting news coming out of Iran on this question. Jamaran, the offical website of the Khomeini family, has been underscoring how Europe is ready to "sweep in" by reporting on over 100 French companies ready to "sweep into Iran" as the spokesman for the Iranian Interior Ministry has said that the Government has no plans to hold any sanctioned national celebrations.   It has also been striking how the Islamic Republic News Network has been running ads every 15 minutes over the past 36 hours about how the people are behind the negotiators and the confidence they have in that the Iranian negotiators will not give away the "store".

What was also another interesting note was a program that aired on VOA Farsi.  The program "Last Page",  reports on all the transgressions of the Islamic Republic over the past 36 years.    The latest program was on the Iran Nuclear Program and the progression that has ultimately led to the current round of negotations.   It was chilling how it depicted statements by Ayatollah Khameini on the peaceful intentions of Iran's nuclear program with similiar statements by Pakistani Leaders until they actually acquired the bomb through the A.Q. Khan network.  

As we went to press with this early edition of "Notations", we reviewed reports on the Foreign Ministers converging on Vienna.     If the deal is in fact signed, the real work begins the day after as ever so epitomized by the View of Israel.

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