Notations On Our World: On the #IranDeal (The Latest From the Grid) w/a "newsflash" From #Burundi

The Public Relations Battle on the Iran deal is gathering steam.   As we went to press here, The Secretary of State was on Capitol Hill making the rounds as Congress gears up for the 60-Day Review Process.   Iran's Majlis has formed a special committee that will report out on it within 80 Days after the submission.

In our "daily roundup", we wanted to report on this published on +Al Jazeera English that is quite perceptive in laying out the arguments and the challenges ahead:

As we went to press, though, we wanted to end with a potentially hopeful development.   We are gratified to report, though, on a hopeful development in Burundi.     It appears that all parties are open to the idea of a National Unity Government.  We will continue to monitor over the ensuing days.

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