Notations On Our World: On the #IranDeal & the #Vote4Peace Quest (Late Breaking Notations)

Our team earlier today joined the JINSA Briefing on Iran.    The team @ JINSA provided both a technical and a political analysis of the deal and their assessment of it--which they advised is some 159 pages in length and quite complicated.      This is as we have also seen guidance from +NIAC on its' view of the Iran Deal as noted below which is available by clicking here:

Why Should Congress Support Deal  

We have also been assessing the view from the team at the +Bipartisan Policy Center as they have also shared a line by line analysis that could be accessed by clicking here.   Beyond this, there is Congress itself--as a resolution has been introduced in the House of Representatives co-sponsored by all but 8 Republicans designed to torpedo the deal.

It will be a fascinating 60 Days to be witness to in the United States as the World is also moving fast to take advantage of the Window.    It will begin Monday with a UN Security Council Resolution to begin dismantling all UN-Mandated resolutions against Iran-which has caused profound concerns in conservative circles as epitomized by this from the Heritage Foundation.     

It will a  fascinating 60-Days to be witness to.....
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