Notations on Our World: On the #IranDeal & the Perilous #Vote4Peace Quest (The View From #Israel)

The debate about the Iran Nuclear Deal is continuing in a major way.   President Obama held a wide ranging news conference that took on all the criticis in a very intersting way.  This is as the opposition continues its' concerted campaign.    The president has challenged the opposition to explain themselves which will be interesting to observe. 

 As we went to press with this edition of "Notations", US Vice President Biden was on Capitol Hill meeting with Democratic Lawmakers.   The reporting from +Haaretz הארץ today that we received is telling as the hard work to sustain the deal is at hand:   

Daily News
Israel influenced much of Iran nuke deal, Sherman says
Chief U.S. negotiator tells reporters that Israeli and American experts consulted with each other over the past year.
Senior defense official: European firms 'standing in line' to resume trade with Iran 
The Iranian economy can expect to be bolstered by tens of billions of dollars, which will help terrorists and subversive groups, senior official says.

Israeli army planning larger Gaza fence
Illicit border crossing inevitable, officer says, adds soldiers behaved correctly when Israeli missing in Gaza crossed border.
Five reasons to worry about the Iran deal
Experience reveals a yawning gap between the way the United States and Europe understand the Middle East and the way the Middle East understands itself, Ari Shavit writes.
After Iran deal, time for U.S. to pamper Saudi Arabia
Since it's too rich to require military aid, Riyadh could demand diplomatic compensation – such as a concerted American effort to resolve the Palestinian question.
Netanyahu's next gamble may be disastrous
After the deal was announced, the prime minister's appearance was that of a desperate gambler who had lost everything. But now he wants to wreck what’s left of U.S.-Israel relations.
Summer dreams. Made to measure
Enjoy these deliciously fresh dairy recipes that your family will love
There was never going to be a good deal with Iran
The Vienna accord is flawed in many ways, but it will compel Iran to take steps that are hard to imagine it would take under any other scenario.
Face it: U.S. and Israel don't have the same interests
For Netanyahu, enemy number 1 is Iran; for Obama it's ISIS, Peter Beinart writes.
Obama names foes: 'Netanyahu and Republican leadership'
In White House press conference on Iran, the president shows sympathy for Israel, scorn for its prime minister.
Why China won't be the next great power
The idea that the Beijing is destined to be the world’s No. 1 super-power is premature to say the least, and Israel should be careful not to bank so much on it

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