Notations On Our World: On the #IranDeal & the #Vote4Peace Quest (An Update)

World Media has been focused on the Iran Deal.   It has headlined all the major US-Based Cable Talk shows along with outlets like the BBC and Al Jazeera.     Opponents are coming out in droves with their reservations led by the Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.   The Speaker of the US House of Representatives noted that "the deal is unacceptable".       This is as the Social Media Grid has also been quite "abuzz" with debate on both the pro and the con side of the debate.

The reaction in Iran has been one of jubilation, though:

 People hit the streets to celebrate the achievements as leading political figures including the Supreme Leader (Guide) in heaping praise on the Negotiating team during a meeting he had with the Government.      The Majlis (Parliament) Speaker, Mr. Larijani also congratulated the Iranian Nation and Foreign Minister Zarif on this achievement during comments he made while on a visit to his own Constituency in Qum .       The Foreign Minister and his team were also greeted as heroes when they went to Mashad to visit the Imam Reza Masouleum:

It is also of note as some have compared the Foreign Minister to another giant of Iranian History, Amir Kabir who served as Prime Minister during the reign of Naser Din Shah and this underscores it:

What needs to be underscored is that the sanctions will not be lifted tomorrow.    The European Union just renewed the sanctions for another 6 months as the debate in the Untied States begins--however the UN sanctions should be lifted soon based on the debrief in Vienna as the perilous #Vote4Peace Journey begins.

As we went to press, we also wanted to make sure we noted this from the ever perceptive Americas Editor for +Haaretz הארץ which laid out some hard truths that Israel Faces that our founder shared on his Personal Twitter Feed on this very interesting day: 

Quite a Day Indeed... 

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