Notations On Our World: On #Iran, the Middle East & #Greece

Our team has been assessing the state of Negotiations So far in Vienna.   From all the reports we have reviewed so far, it appears that they will not finalize a deal by midnight Washington, D.C. Time which in turn will trigger the 60-Day Review Cycle.    As We went to press with our latest edition of "notations" here in #Outsiders, the official word from the White House was the same as well--although all parties seem to be optimistic.  The Russian Foreign Minister is not there because he is at the BRICS Summit that is also being attended by the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani.

Beyond the immediate in Iran, we received distressing news about the death of former Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud.   He was the long-standing Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia who was in declining health for years.    One of his thoughts our team was quite fond of was this as the Iraq war raged on--If this is Democracy, we don't want it.    He was also instrumental in stopping the carnage in Lebanon during 2006--as soon as he landed in Washington, somehow Israel stopped its' aggression in Lebanon and an uneasy truce has persisted ever since.    Although the reality of the Middle East has changed drastically with IS/Daesh, the civil war in Syria and the civil war in Egypt (and we here at outsiders are prepared to call it a civil war).

The tragedy in Greece is also ever so in our minds.    There was just a report on @Al Jazeera within the past hour about basic necessities in Short Supplies.   This is as Greece has promised new proposals because the EU has given the Greeks a final deadline.   The @Economist depicted the drama in ever so dramatic a terms as only the Economist can:

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