Notations On our World: On a Historic Day in #Washington & #Havana

This letter from President Obama formalized the new "normal" after the announcements by Raul Castro and Barack Obama.  Today was a historic day as The United States and Cuba re-established Diplomatic Relations.  It is a milestone that continues the interesting transformation in US Foreign Policy that Barack Obama has tried to undertake during his Presidency.     Our team was following the developments closely throughout the day as the Cuban Foreign Minister led the celebrations that rose up the Cuban Flag:

The last time the Cuban Flag was raised was in 1958.   In our research, we also realized that the Cuban Embassy was actually built in 1917 and is now officially an Embassy as reflected in the update on the Cuban Embassy Website: http://www.cubadiplomatica.cu/sicw/EN/ConsularServices.aspx.  John Kerry, the Secretary of State, will formally travel to Cuba next month to formally inaugurate the New Embassy even though the Embassy is now officially in operation.     

The Cuban Foreign Minister lobbied for some long-standing contentious issues including the fate of Guantanamo and the lifting of sanctions.     There is not much that is going to be possible with the current Republican-Dominated Congress.    It is also highly unlikely that an Ambassador will be confirmed by the United States Senate due to the charged political atmosphere.   Two of the declared US Presidential Candidates, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, have roundly condemned this move.    They are Cuban-Americans.

It was once again exciting here @ #Outsiders to once again be witness to history.

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