Notations On Our World: On #America; #Greece, Iran & Other Thoughts

It is eve of 4th of July Week-End in the United States as Americans celebrate the day that America declared independence.   It is going to be a day of  community events and family barbeque traditionsi which will culminate in the beautiful display of fireworks that would light the skies of America throughout Saturday Night. 

As we prepare to go "dark" throughout #Outsiders over the 4th of July Week-End, our team will continue with on-going key initiatives we have commented on.    We will continue to assess the progress of the Iran Talks as the July 7 deadline looms.    Earlier this morning, we reviewed comments by the Chinese Foreign Minister noting his optimism about the enactment of a deal.  We also just received an update here at our Virtual Studios as we went to press that Foreign Minister Fabius of France is headed to Vienna later on in the Week-End to help facilitate a deal.   Our team is viewing all these developments as very hopeful as the weekend looms.    We also found quite encouraging interesting comments by Iran's Judiciary Head that the Green Movement leaders, Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karoubi, may be released--especially as we reviewed a very interesting encouraging letter by the current gadflay and thorn in the side of the conservative Majlis, Ali Motahari, who spoke up once again for their release in an open letter.    

Within the broader Middle East, we also have been assessing the situation on the ground in the especially in the aftermath of the horrific assassination of the Prosecutor General of Egypt and the horrific attacks in France, Kuwait and Tunisia which we have commented on in our "Notations" series.   There is a war that is going on in the Sinai and we reviewed reports of anti-aircraft missles being deployed by Daesh/IS militants battling Egyptian forces.   There is speculation that the missiles. This is as Assad continues to lose ground to the vast array of forces aligned against him over the ensuing weeks.     We also found quite an interesting comment being raised in a recent +Al Monitor article on the question being posed on whether Turkey will invade Syria or not.    This is as Jordan's role continues to be evolving as well in the midst of the inferno engulfing the Middle East Right now.

Beyond the wars, there is also the economic wars as well.    The United States just announced the latest job numbers.    The figure 223,000 seems to be a solid number--but as analysts have noted in the +New York Times and the +BBC, it is a lot weaker than it seems.    The rate of participation is the lowest since 1977.   People have simply stopped looking for work.    Wages have also stagnated--all worrying signs for the future health of the economy.    This is as Greece is on the edge of the abyss as the referendum looms.  As we went to press, IMF came out with a report noting that Greece will need an additional 50 Billion Euros thru 2018--with an implicit attack on the Greek Government for failure to enact reforms.    Although some have said that Greece itself may not "matter", the domino effect is what needs to be thought of especially as the challenges in Puerto Rico with its' $ 74 Billion Dollars in debt presents the same challenge in America's  backyard.   This is why we're quite excited as we begin a new project here at #Outsiders on EB5 program in the United States that has the opportunity to help navigate some of the very minefields before us and the possibilities it represents to help Educate & Empower both potential investors and the opportunities it represents as we continue our on-going work in Outsiders.   Although there are resources at hand virtually on the EB5 program, as we discuss the current state, we also will be assessing the proposed reforms which we hope and believe Congress will enact to spruce up Economic Activity in lieu of the perceived weakness evident today.   We will also be continuing our development work on the current US political scene as we assess the state of the campaigns.  As we went to press, we received reports here at our Virtual Studios that Hillary Clinton raised $ 45 Million Dollars (shattering the record by the Obama Re-Election Campaign).    It will quite interesting to see how other perceived top-tier candidates fare.   

We leave all with this from W.E.B DuBois as we wish all in the United States a Happy and Safe 4th of July and all a safe and enjoyable week-end and remembering the admonition of Junipero Serra, the founder of the California Missions, as he noted to us all:  "Always Forward":

“Believe in life!
Always human beings will progress
to greater, broader, and fuller life.” 

~ W.E.B. Du Bois

As we look forward to the opportunity to be of continued service as our regular features including the Friday Musical Interlude will return next week and noting this!!!

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