Notations On Our World: As former President Kalam of India is being Laid To rest

The former President of India, Dr. Kalam, has passed on.    He was known as the People's President and Thousands have been pouring in to pay their honors including members of the Indian Parliament and Chief Ministers.   The +NDTV said it best:  his work was larger than life but his simplicity and love for the people.      Our team sent out the live link earlier that +NDTV as live coverage of the State Funeral for him is being held.  As we went to press, the Indian Flag was taken off by the Armed Forces Guard of Honor.  

We here @ #Outsiders salute him as we say #RIPKalam, the People's President and extend our condoloscenes to the People of India.    We leave you with this in tribute to this great man:

& This tribute from +Google India :

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