Notations From the Grid (Week-End Edition): On #Turkey, #Daesh/#IS & The Reality on the Ground

Turkey joined the fight against Daesh-but at the same time also broke a unilateral ceasefire with the Kurds.   As we have been assessing the "ground game", we also ran across this that we found very compelling to share as this notation of "Notations" For the Weekend:

‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’ is what that arguably best describes what AKP and Erdogan are doing right...
Posted by Kamran Matin on Saturday, July 25, 2015

In addition, this On the Iran Question is quite profound as well that our founder ran across which our team thought was quite compelling:

It underscores the perilous nature of the debate right now as the debate continues onward.   It was interesting how this by Zenos Frudakis which is front of the Glaxo Smithkline Headquarters is appropriate becuase it also depicts the possibilities.    As we went to press here this weekend, the debate was interesting at times as we continue to assess the State of the World here and now: 

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