Notations From the Grid: On #Earth; #IranDeal & Other Thoughts (with updated Thoughts on the Tragedy in #Turkey)

Our home base of Southern California has been experiencing a lot of rain.    As we went to press, humidity is at 91% and it is overcast.  It is beautiful, though.  Whether the rains as a result of El Nino will help alleviate the long-running drought remains to be seen. 

It has also been quite a challenging few hours.    We have been assessing the impact of the Toshiba scandal out of Japan as we have also been monitoring earnings that are coming in.    IBM has announced along with United Technologies and it is impacting markets as we speak.   We have also been assessing the situation in Burundi as the current President is going for a third term in the midst of violence as our team has been working on the series, "Crying For Africa".       The US Political Scene has also been quite vibrant as Mr. Trump continues to dominate the current headlines and Polls.

We have also been following the tragedy in Turkey as the victims of the attackyesterday are being buried.    32 young students lost their lives as a result of the attack.  Our team has been on the "Grid" and saw this taken moments before the blast:


These beautiful young souls were part of a contingent of volunteers that were gearing up to support the rebuilding of Kobane.   This was taken moments before the blast that cut their lives short.  We mourn them today.

We have also been continuing to assess the post-Iran Deal as the Defense Secretary has been making the rounds in the Middle East--having met the Israeli Prime Minister earlier today.  Our team released the remarks of the Israeli Prime Minister made after the UNSC passed the resolution endorsing the Iran Nuclear deal in its' entirety.    The Iranian Foreign Minister, Dr. Zarif, spoke at the Iranian Majlis and the text of his remarks is noted here (Original in Farsi--also available in English).    We have also reviewed reports of flash floods in Iran that caused buildings to collapse in the City of Qazvin due to the river overflow.  The scenes as reported by the BBC was horrific.

Our team ran across this that the Scott Kelly sent out from the International Space Station and was in awe.    This is as our team was reviewing this published to Slate about the latest warning on Climate Change.    We could not help but wonder why we cannot embrace this beauty and work together ever so closely and wondered if the courage actually exists to do so: 

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