Crying For Africa: The Death of #CecilTheLion

Cecil was a 13 Year Old Lion who was an icon in Zimbabwe.  He was killed by an American Hunter who apparently hired a crew to lure him out of the protected preserve and then killed him with a bow and arrow and finished him off with a Gun.   Cecil's beheaded body was then found.    The reports we have reviewed talk about this hunter having paid $ 54,000 for the local crew to help with this.

This hunter is a practicing Dentist in Minnesota.   He apparently does this as a hobby.  He said in a statement that he did this legally and he did not know that Cecil was an icon.    He says he will cooperate with any investigation that is launched.   What our team found ironic was that no investigation was going to bring Cecil back.    We here at #Outsiders welcome the aggressive stance taken by authorities in Zimbabwe.  They have detained the local crew, suspended the operations of the Safari and are continuing their investigation. 

 We will continue to monitor this over the ensuing weeks and months.

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