An #Outsider Newsflash: On the Latest on the #IranTalks

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif at an Islamic Center in Vienna
 (Source ISNA//Radio Zamaneh)

Today was the deadline to come to an agreement on the Iran Nuclear Deal.  The deadline has been extended again.     The Iranian Foreign Minister, Dr. Zarif noted at remarks when he appeared at a Religious Ceremony at an Islamic Center in Vienna late Sunday  that differnces continue to linger on and that prayers were needed by all.     

According to +i24news EN , The Russian Foreign Minister has said that 8 issues remain.    It does appear quite a number of issues have been resolved.     Our team has been reviewing all sorts of developments attributed to anonymous sources.    Not withstanding the "lowering of expectations" that has been the order of the day, the real work to "sell" the argument will begin the day after with major opposition from the Israeli Lobby  in the United States.

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