Notations on Our World: On #Obamacare & Other Thoughts

Today was an interesting day in Washington as the US Supreme Court once again surprised all with the decision to uphold subsidies for Obamacare.   Our team has been reviewing the decision, the dissent and the reaction--which has been quite interesting.   Our team has been reaching out over Twitter to leading GOP lawmakers including Senator +Marco Rubio  and Senator McCain to get a sense of what their recommendations are.  We have also seen some of the alternatives lingering in Congress including a measure by Congressman Price of Georgia.   It was also quite interesting how swiftly opponents--including Congresswoman Mimi Waters of California further came out in opposition.      It appears that the Republican Leadership will continue its' efforts, though, through the Budget Process to try and "defund" Obamacare.  

The President has also won another key victory--Fast Track Authority as he continues negotations on the so called TPP (Transpacific Partnership).     As we assess this and other on-going developing scenes while on the "Virtual Prowl",  we wanted to share this we saw on the "Grid" earlier.    It is a beautiful testiment to the Art of the Possible and how it is ever so possible to change the World.   It has been the driving force behind #Outsiders:

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