Notations On Our World: On #Iran & The Tragedy of Jason Rezian

The Washington Post Bureau Chief in Tehran, Jason Rezian, was in court again today in Tehran.  He has been in detention in Tehran for almost 1 year on unknown charges.  We here @ #Outsiders have joined thousands of others in calling for his release immediately and without delay.

+msnbc 's +Rachel Maddow Show showed scenes in Tehran as Jason's Mother and Wife were catching a Taxi in Tehran.   It showed their clearly distraught--especially as they have not been allowed to sit in the Trial and there are no lawyers allowed.   It was quite remarkable  as the Judiciary Spokesman in his recent remarks noted how everything is done "according to the Law" and how they have begun an indictment against those who have reported on the case. 

Beyond this tragedy, our team had its laugh of the day as we reviewed reports from Iran that Ministers who served under Ahmadinejad have begun the process to form a party to contest upcoming elections.   This is as another one of Ahmadinejad's Vice Presidents was detained--and as his First Vice President was convicted of corruption and sentenced to five years in Prison. 

It was of note, though, that the G-7 underscored its' support for continued negotations between Iran and the P5+1.    We will also be on the Prowl as we will continue to press for Jason's Release.

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