Notations On Our World: On Iran & the Art of the Deal (Late Breaking Developments)

Our team has been doing the AM "Daily Roundup" as we have just seen reports that the negotations on the Iran Nuclear deal has been extended until July 7 as negotations are continuing.   This image from today's talks was noted on the Islamic Republic Agency Website this morning:


Dr. Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister, returned from his trip to Tehran and brought back Dr. Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Orgaization and President Rouhani's Brother who serves as a Special Advisor to the President.     Dr. Salehi had surgery recently and was bedridden.   It underscores how Iran is serious on this question--as we view the US is as the agreement has been to extend the talks.     Although gaps do remain, the fact that they are talking is a hopeful sign.

It will be a developing story.....

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