Notations On Our World On Iran & the Art of the Deal

As our team was working away assessing the latest on the talks,  we have been amazed by the onslaught of public comments from former officials on how the deal is such a bad deal.   This was epitomized by this as noted by the +Washington Post  last week:
Pro-Rubio nonprofit to launch seven-figure ad campaign on Iran
By Sean Sullivan
A nonprofit created by allies of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is preparing to launch a more than $1 million advertising campaign highlighting the presidential candidate's resistance to an emerging Iranian nuclear deal, marking its first commercials since Rubio launched his campaign in April.  Read full article »

This appeared on Haaretz last week and one of the signators appeared on CNN and had a discussion with Fareed Zakaria

An article has been sent to you from Haaretz.com:
Ex-Obama aides: U.S. needs tougher Iran nucle

As if the domestic pressures were not enough, Ayatollah Khameini made a pivotal speech that drew headlines for its supposed redlines which was picked up by the likes of the +Huffington Post Politics  and underscored by this from IRNA, the Official Iranian News Agency as noted belowhttp://www.irna.com/fa/News/81657801/

What has been interesting is again the public stance by Senior Officials yet again to dampen expectations.   What was also quite interesting was the deferement by the Majlis inTehran not to refer the law they passed simliar to the Coker Bill.     As the Foreign Minister is in Tehran on consultations,  this story also appeared on Al Monitor:


The signifcance of this analysis cannot be emphasized enough.    It shows that Khameini has prepared the establishment as the world has already been told that the June 30 deadline will slip as the teams continue their negotations.   Someone noted that this deal is too big to be allowed to fail.   Our team agrees especially as one estimate reflects that 120 Billion Dollars will be freed up from the proceeds of Iranian Oil alone.

  Israel, though, is hard at work.    Though.    Today was the turn of the Defense Minister who said Iran was part of the problem and not the solution.    What was striking was his claim that there was no humanitiran crisis in Gaza and as Israel is mulling withdrawing from the Human Rights Council as the United Nations came out with a very tough report.     

One measure of a commitment that amazed our team was the presence of Secretary Kerry.  Despite being on crutches, he is on the job.     Our team is remaining hopeful desapite all the odds to achieve the impossible.    Our team reflected upon Madiba's admonition that it alwasy seems impossible until it is done.    It is ever true now.....

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