Notations On Our World: Briefly On #Turkey & #Israel

Turkey has gone through a transformation.   Our team here @ #Outsiders was surprised as the ruling party got whipped at the Polls.   Kurdish parties have taken their seats in the Turkish Parliament and this was one quite signficant as our founder noted this on his personal Twitter Feed:

What is also quite interesting to observe is that Turkey and Israel have apparently begun secret reconciliation efforts.   Israel continues to be on the spotlight as the UN has come out with a tough report on the conduct of the Gaza war.   The coverage on it was quite stark as +Fox News noted Israel's right to Self-Defense as +The Guardian put a totally different spin on it.    Our team has released the UN link here for reference as we will also assess this.     +Haaretz הארץ is reporting that Israel is launching a major diplomatic initiative in Europe to mitigate the public relations damage it is bound to cause.  The United States, though, has already noted that it opposes the Gaza Report be referred to the UN Security Council and will probably veto it.      However, Israel has bigger challenges before it also as +Haaretz הארץ noted here:

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