Notations From the Grid: On #Iran

As we went to press with the latest edition of "Notations", Negotiations with Iran have been continuing as the June 30 deadline is drawing ever so closer.     We have seen reports on how negotiations have stalled and how Iran has seriously thought about moving the venue due to spying allegations against Israel.  Beyond the negotiations, there is a quite bit going on the domestic front.

One of the more interesting stories we have been quite amazed by is how the Former President has been "banned" by the Judiciary.   His pictures and images  have been officially prevented from being published.  Yet, it was quite interesting how leading figures of the regime had been quite vocal in expressing their condolences upon the passing of his mother a number of months ago.   Our founder had helped to spread the message through Twitter.   Yet, this seems to continue and this latest example on Instagram underscores how all will continue to band together to report on the latest on Mr. Khatami which is available by clicking on here.

As this debate on Instagram ensued, we found a curious comment attributed to President +Hassan Rouhani .   The President serves as the Chairman of the Supreme National Security Council and a statement came out noting that no such order was given by the Council  on the ban against former President Khatami.   As this one was going on, an Iranian Member of Parliament wrote an open letter posted on Instagram to the Prosecutor General asking the legal justification against the ban imposed on former President Khatami.   The Parliament Member, Ali Motahari, is an interesting character in taht he's been one of the vocal opponents of the so-called principlists within the Parliament who have tried to stymie President Rouhani's Initiatives.   Motahari is also the man who was beaten up in Shiraz and has had speeches cancelled by local authorities.   He reminds us of the valiant Anti-Apartheid Icon Helen Sussman who stood against injustice in South Africa at the height of the Apartheid years:

Our team ran across this image of Mrs. Sussman with Nelson Mandela.  

This is as another grim milestone was before us:  The Protests of 2009 that was violently crushed which has seen the continued detention of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi.    It was quite telling how one of Rouhani's Deputies noted how they have been cleaning up the disaster that Ahmadinejad left behind--and it is just striking how some of his ministers have begun discussions about forming another party to contest elections.

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