Notations From the Grid: Happy Birthday Cool Earth!!

We here @ #Outsiders are proud supporters of  +Cool Earth .   Our Founder first got to know their work when he decided to help by sponsoring an Acre.   Our team asked him to try and track down his Certificate--he has not been able to find it yet!!! 

On behalf of all of us at #Outsiders, we wanted to extend our congratulations to +Cool Earth as it celebrates 8 years of service especially as they have seen to it that 4864 Children have been born into the villages they have been instrumental in saving.

Happy Birthday +Cool Earth ...here is to the next Eight Years!!!
Cool Earth
Happy Birthday to Dalton and the 4,864 other children born into safe villages
When Cool Earth was born eight years ago today, Dalton was a brand new baby in a village with a very uncertain future.

Thanks to you, his village has an alternative to the loggers.

And what started in the Amazon is now a global movement.

So we’re throwing a birthday party for Dalton… and the 4,864 other children born into safe villages since Cool Earth started saving rainforest.

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