Notations From the Grid: Briefly On the US Political Scene

The US Political scene has been as vibrant as ever during this past week.   Jeb Bush is slated to announce on June 15 as Hillary Clinton is scheduled to make a major speech on Saturday.   According to this morning's New York Times, she's slated to invoke the legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelet in her speech in New York.   

Our team @ #Outsiders has been working away assessing the state of the Campaign and all the latest moves and will be releasing a series of "Notations" Soon.   Our team selected this to underscore some interesting (and potentially challenging pedigree) especially that some of the so-called GOP "A-Listers" have to contend with as this +London Review of Books noted:

What we found quite interesting was how Marco Rubio was able to raise 100,000 Dollars to counter the attacks from the so-called Liberal Media especially as the New York Times was on the Prowl earlier in the week on this.

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