Notations For the Week-End: On A Challenging World

It has been quite a week-end in our World.    Our team has been on the "Prowl" with the US Sunday Morning Public Affairs Shows as they have had discussions on Iraq, the US Presidential Campaign and other interesting tidbits around our World.   One interesting one was on the decline of populations around the World on +Fareed Zakaria where he reported on his GPS Show on the dilemma faced by Denmark, Italy and others around Europe on declining populations.  It was quite stark how he noted the United States will continue to enjoy a sense of vibrancy due to Immigration.  The challenge for the United States is to sustain it--which we hope to have it as a regular feature soon.

One of the things as we begin our new here throughout #Outsiders is another periodic focus of us:  the Environment and climate change.    Pope Francis is slated to issue a crucial encyclical this week which will lay out a call to action on this.  This is as the Prince of Wales has called for a Magna Carta for Earth.    It was interesting how one of the Presidential Candidates, Rick Santorium, said that the Pope should leave Climate Change to the Scientists--not realizing that the Pope is a Chemist.   +Fareed Zakaria was quite poignant in his commentary on this during his show this morning.

It is also of note to underscore that we've been "Virtually Breathless" as we have been assessing the US Political Scene.   Hillary Clinton had the formal launch of her campaign yesterday in New York and +Meet The Press had an interesting show dedicated to the "Dynasty" candidates as Jeb Bush is slated to announce tomorrow in Miami.    The "Grid" has been abuzz of the "logo" to be formally unveiled as +Mashable reported on it over Twitter:

Donald Trump is also slated to make an announcement on Tuesday.     

Beyond the political moves in the United States, there is the on-going inferno in the Middle East.   It was a distressing scene as Turkish forces used water cannons to hold back Syrian Refugees trying to escape the violence in Syria.   This is as we were reviewing reports this morning of car bombs going off in Iraq as Daesh (also known as IS in the West)  continues its' murderous campaign of death.  It has been one year since the Popular Mobilization Force was established in line with the fatwa from Ayatollah Sistani to push back the advances by Daesh.     It has made inroads--but the road to defeat Daesh/IS remains as daunting as ever.  

One thing is for certain: Whoever is elected President of the United States will have a very full inbox.
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