An #Outsider Newsflash: On the US Political Scene (w/an Update on the #Trump Annoucement)

Jeb Bush has made it official:  He's running for President.  It was headline news on all the major outlets throughout the United States and the World throughout the Day.    Earlier, on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough noted that Jeb can be the man to move the Country forward--comparing him to Eisenhower.   There are ten other players though that would have something to say about it as we await a "Major" Announcement from Donald Trump as our team continues the development of another edition of "notations" on the US political scene--and the announcement came earlier today.   Donald Trump is now an official candidate for President promising to make America "Great" again as our founder released this to his personal Twitter Feed:

Fascinating to be witness to.....


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