Notations on Our World (Week-End Edition): On #Iraq & #Syria

Ruins of Palmyra

It has been a very challenging week.  The events of the last few days have been of profound concern in Iraq and Syria.   We have been watching coverage as Ramadi Fell and refugees began sweeping into Baghdad.     We have also seen continued inroads being made by Daesh (also known as #IS) into Syria including having taken over Palmyra--a city of more than 2,000 years old that is in danger of being wiped off.

It was of great interest as we caught Emma Sky--who served as a senior advisor to Ray Odernio (now the US Army Chief of Staff)--underscored how the US lost Iraq.  We were quite curious to see her views as we saw her writings on "how to get it back".      For now, though, the only credible force that will stand up to Daesh/ISIS is Iranian-Trained Shiite Militias who are beginning the fight to take back Ramadi.     Daesh, though, has taken over the final Iraq/Syria Border which will solidify its' territory.   This is as Daesh has also claimed a bombing in Saudi Arabia in the Shiite heartland of the Kingdom.

The profound question is what the Economist posed that no one seems to have an answer to:

From The Economist Espresso: Islamic State: how far can it go? http://econ.st/1FqpBXn
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