Notations on Our World: On the "Virtual Prowl" On the One Year Anniversary of #Modi Ji in India

Indian Prime Minister has now celebrated officially one year in Office.    He spoke about it during a speech  as  he has been presided over quite a year of change in India in how the Prime Minister has set the town and has been trying to help transform India with initiatives such as "Made in India" and "Clean India" as noted in this "Tweet":

As we have been on the prowl tracking his year, we could never forget how he launched "Clean India".   We can't never forget how he picked up a broom to begin cleaning up the streets around the Delhi Polic Station with a broom and how he started the "challenge" that was picked up by leading personalities.   We have also been quite amazed by his  travels around the World have been quite a spectacle.  Our view is that out of the original BRICS, China and India have emerged as the senior members of the group as underscored by Prime Minister Modi's 1 Billion Credit Line to Mongolia for on-going infrastructure development.

He has begun  in how he has been able to be quite transformational in his approach and his outlook.     Our team was on the prowl as President Obama was in India and how they were able to work out a number of thorny issues--including the nuclear question.

Beyond the foreign trips, it is the domestic scene that is also quite enticing to observe.    From what we have seen here based on the assessment at hand, it is clear that he is clearly the strongest Prime Minister India has had since Nehru.     This is as the BJP has been able to continue its' juggernaut throughout India in State Elections.  The only exception has been the Capital, Delhi.   The upstart AAP won elections--even though the Chief Minister seems to be on a major power grab which is continuing. 

Upcoming elections will determine whether the Modi Magic wll endure or not.  The Economy has expanded--but it is yet to reach the masses in the Country.      As we believe the Prime Minister himself will note, there is a lot to be done.

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