Notations On Our World: On Iraq

12 years ago last April America GI's rolled into Baghdad:

After 12 years, hundreds of thousands of lives lost and uprooted, the World has been witness to this:

Ramadi fell to Daesh/IS and the Shitte Milita under the direction of the Iraqi Prime Minister have begun a campaign to take Ramadi back.   However, the bulk of Anbar continues to be under Daesh Control as Daesh continues its reign of terror in Syria.   What was quite unfortuante was the blame game as thousands continue to escape the Daesh reign of terror:

The BBC's John Simpson sat down with the Iraqi Prime Minister and said that Ramadi will be taken back within days.    The broader question no one seems to be answering is that Iraq is for all intent and purpose dead as Syria is only a country in name only.    Although the Iraqi Prime Minister is understandably frustruated by the public dressing down given to it by the US Secretary of Defense, the days ahead will determine in more ways than one what will happen next.   This is as ordinary Iraqis are caught in the crossfire.

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