Notations On Our World: On The "Day After" on #ukeelections2015....

The New British Government has been formed.    David Cameron has kept his key Ministers in place and has expanded the powers of George Osborne, The Chancellor of the Exchequer (The British Finance Minster/Treasury Secretary) as a new round of austerity begins.

What has been quite interesting to observe is how those who lost have begun a wrenching self-examination.   From the man who delivered three election victories to Labour-Tony Blair--to the former spinmaster Lord Mandelson and others, it has been quite a spectacle to see how leading personalities in the UK Labor Party have thrown Ed Milliband under the bus. 

However, what was striking was this that went viral on Facebook and the Independent of London reported on it:
 Our founder reflected upon this because the Budget passed by the United States Congress underscores profound concerns in this space as the US begins the election cycle.     But,, in the United Kingdom, there is the small matter of the Union that is under pressure as the elections saw a rise of the Scottish National Party as the third largest party in the UK Parliament.    It was striking how Scottish Leaders--including the Former First Minister Alex Salmond--talked about  the "Westminster Parliament" and not the UK Parliament.   What is also worth to note is the Sinn Fein does not even come to Westminister for UK Parliament business.    

As the World continues to be fascinated by the British Royal Family, the question is whether the United Kingdom will survive in its' present form especially as some very interesting discussions will begin about a "Brixit" as Europe continues to deal with a potential "Grexit".     There are also some challenging domestic challenges--including the negotations on a recharter for the BBC which will be spreaheaded by a Minister who has said that the license fee amounts to a Poll Tax and the broader question about how disfunctional the election system is in the UK itself as underscored again in this:

The Independent (@Independent)
What parliament would have looked like under a different voting system i100.io/WNb43yG pic.twitter.com/OsuWexb0xV

It will be interesting times indeed.....
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