Notations on Our World: On #Canada & #UK (As Polls Have Just Opened in the #UK)

It has been an very interesting 24 hours in Canada.    The province of Alberta changed Governments.    Our team received this from Canada's NDP as the results came as "ostenisbly" a fundraising" call to action (and we've edited them out)--however the essence of the glee by the NDP is self-evident as they gear up for the National Campaign: 

Last night’s historic results are an important reminder of the words our friend Jack left us: “Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done.” //


I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news:

Rachel Notley and the NDP have made history in Alberta with a majority government.

Back in 2011, everyone said we couldn’t win Quebec. We did. Then they thought we couldn’t form government in Alberta. Done.

Now they’ll try and tell us we can’t elect Canada’s first federal NDP government. I say bring it on.

Last night’s historic results are an important reminder of the words our friend Jack left us: “Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done.”

It also reminds us that only New Democrats defeat Conservatives – even in Stephen Harper’s heartland.



Anne McGrath
National Campaign Director
Canada’s New Democrats
What is absolutely critical to underscore is that Alberta is the heartland of Canada's Oil.   It is also the home province of the current Canadian Prime Minister , Stephen Harper who will be facing an election against a resurrgent LIberal Party led by the son of a former Prime Minister and the current official oppositoin, the NDP.   It was interesting that MSNBC's Rachel Maddow referred to the NDP as the
"Bernie Sanders" of Canada.      She's not quite correct in this assessment--but the change is nevertheless quite startling as change is occuring especially as the NDP has come out strongly against the Keystone Pipeline XL.  This was a signature campaign theme of the GOP in the United States that passed the United States Congress.  It will be interesting to see what the reaction of US Congressional Republicans is as the new incoming NDP Government has already said that they would stop active lobbying of this effort as the Obama Adminstration is continuing its' on-going review.   
Beyond Canada, there is the United Kingdom.   United Kingdom is gearing up for National Elections.      It was so interesting how David Cameron threw his partner over the past five years--Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats--under the bus as he noted that a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for Ed Milliband.      All that is known right now is simply this:  No One Knows.    It will be fasincating to be assessing this especially as the futre of the United Kingdom in the European Union and the very intergrity of the United Kingdom itself may hang in the balance.   

UK Polls have now begun and the magic number to achieve is:  

The U.K. will hold one of its most unpredictable elections in decades http://t.co/CRSrtEl3KY pic.twitter.com/0i6c495L9U— Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) May 7, 2015

45 Million People are eliglibe to vote in over 5,000 Voting Booths.   As the National Elections are on tap, some 9,000 English Council Seats are also up for election as well.     Results are due in around 4 PM PST.
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