Notations On Our World: Briefly On The Plight of the #Rohingya

The Whole World has been witness to the horror of migration from conflict zones around the World.  As the European Union has been grabbling with the exodus of people from African conflict zones,  horror stories from Asia has also been in the headlines as well.    The Rohingya are the latest victims of conflict zones as they escape the repression in Burma (also known as Myanmar).     The Thai Military has been giving them food, water and repaired their boats--but has not allowed them to make land.  

Malaysia has agreed to take them on as the Malaysian Prime Minister called for a regional and worldwide response to this--as we will continue to monitor and comment over the ensuing days, weeks and months.  There has been a conference in Thailand going on to see what the roadmap is.  All apparently understand that a challenge exists.  But the reporting from the BBC we reviewed here @ #Outsiders was heartwrechning.   One feature was the story of a woman who was repeatedly raped and had bore a Son and did not know who the father was and had resorted to begging on the streets of Kulala Lampur as BBC also intereviewed another Mother whose 14-year old son had just called from Malaysia where he had gone to work.   

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