Notations On Our World: Briefly on Israel

Israel's new Government has taken office.     It is the most rightwing Government that has presided over Israel ever.   The Prime Minister has had to play quite a balancing act to satisfy elements within his own party and the allies currently in the Government.

In the meantime, missiles have been fired from Gaza and Israel attacked training camps in Gaza.  There is mounting frustruation in Gaza over the pace of reconstruction as the Defense Minister noted that if quiet does not persist, Gaza will pay a heavy price as Israel was subjected to a Palestinian move to have Israel banned due to the West Bank bus plan--subsequently shelved by the Prime Minister.     

Hamas, though, has its ' own profound challenges as underscored by this tough report by Amnesty International: 

Israel's challenges continue to mount on a multitde of fronts.     It has to plan for a post-Assad Syria--it is not a question of if, but when.   The perceptive editorial in +Haaretz הארץ  earlier this week underscores how Israel is being truly led to the edge of the abyss.   It was interesting to note how some analysts are still holding out hope that somehow Herzog, the Opposition Leader, will join the Government as Foreign Minister especially in lieu of the looming threats. Time will tell....  

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