Notations On Our World: As #Ramadi has fallen to Daesh...

We have been assessing the increasingly tenous situation in Ramadi, Irsaq over the last 30 days.  This front page image from April 19 edition of the Wall Street captured the agony of the people as they escaped the fighting.   Despite vows from Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi, we here are seeing reports from +Al Jazeera English , +i24news EN and the +BBC News noting that Ramadi has fallen or is about to fall as Daesh (also known as IS/Islamic State in the West) has overrun the last major Government Compound and as Iraqi troops have fled.  The Iraqi Prime Minister had ordered his troops not to abandon their position--but no one seemed to listen as Daesh has used suicide bombers and heavy mortar shells to make their inroads.

There are profound implications as Ramadi is lost.   Despite that the US-Led Coalitoin has done, it seems as if Daesh continues its' trail of death and destruction--including the daring raid inside Syria that killed a senior Daesh/IS leader.    We have just the latest reporting by the Guardian on noting how the raid has yielded a "treasure trove" of data.     What is critical to note is that  Ramadi is only 100 Kilometers from Baghdad which will present absolute challenges for all parties fighting Daesh/IS as we are also seeing reports that the Iraqi Prime Minister has ordered Shitte Militas to join the fight for Ramadi.


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