Notations For the Week-End: On This Memorial Day Week-End 2015


It is Memorial Week-End 2015 here in the United States.      Ceremonies are being held to remember and honor all who served and have paid the ultimate sacrifice.     There are an estimated 21 Million Active Veterans in the United States today.  

The World, though, is ever so dangerous and challenging.   We here @ #Outsiders have been assessing the state of the World as we've been assessing the latest gains by #Daesh (Also known as ISIL/ISIS/IS in the West) in Syria and Iraq.    An estimated 40,000 people have been driven from #Ramadi.   It was quite telling as the US Defense Secretary came out swining against the dismal performance by Iraqi Forces.    It was tragic as the Iraqi Commander lost his nerve and order his 2,000+ Strong Force to withdraw in the face of Daesh Forces.

There are some open questions as to how the United States will respond though especially as it continues to be hampered with challenges on the domestic front and especially as the eleciton season gets under way.     The Iran Negotations are continuing with a deadline of 30 Days before Congress gets in on the action.   The NSA law is up in the air as clear domestic priorities such as the Highway bill continue to be lingering in the midst of the priorities of the so-called US Senate Presidential Caucus.  

As we went to press with this editon, we ran across a starrtling statistic:  The United States single-handily spends 37% of the World's Defense Budget.   But what is not apparently publicly known is that 50% of this is spent on personnel.    There are challenges on the Technology and the long-term moderization front that is a problem.    What is tragic in this expense is how in spite of this expense is how enlisted personnel continue to depend on Government Handouts and Community Drives as epitomzied by the outreach undertaken by San Clemente Military Family Outreach.  

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