Notations On Our World: On the #IranTalks (The Day After)

As the news of the deal spread around the World, the reactions were quite interesting to observe as noted below:

and of course, what has been noted by Israel Below: 

The conservatives in Iran have also begun their rampage by calling it a "sell-Out" as epitomized by the comments made by the Editor of Kayhan who has been a long-standing opponent of the Foreign Minister, Dr. Zarif.   Yet, the celebrations in Tehran was telling (this is an extended one that Manoto TV released to Facebook earlier):

ویدیوی فرستاده شده به #گزارشگر Manoto TV از استقبال مردم در #ایران در فرودگاه مهرآباد تهران از جواد #ظریف Javad Zarif و دادن شعارهای سیاسی علیه روزنامه کیهان و درحمایت از جواد ظریف...شما هم گزارش‌های خود را به ما از طریق Gozaresh@Manoto1.com یا از طریق تلگرام به شماره: 00447590899999 ارسال کنید.
Posted by Manoto TV on Friday, April 3, 2015

One of the many cheers was "Minister of Logic...In the legacy of Mossadeq" On this Easter Week-End, one must remember the Bible reminding all that Blessed are the Peacemakers, because they are the Children of God.   The agreement lived up to it.  

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