Notations On Our World: Brief Thoughts on the Summitt of the Americas & How a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words :-)

Raul Castro and Barack Obama have met.  It was so fabulous as Raul Castro noted how   he apologized to President Obama for being emotional about the Cuban Revoultion,  called President Obama an honest and humble man and how President Obama  had nothing to do with the problems in Cuba over the last 50 years.   It will be interesting tos ee how the Republicans react to this to vote of confidence.

It is so great to see when people talk rather than shout--It was so interesting that even Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela said he came to the Summit in a "constructive spirit" despite all the blistering attacks he's had against the United States to mask his own profound challenges.    It was also fun to see Rafael Correa of Ecuador reflect upon what President Obama noted to be "lessons of history". 

It is ever so fun to be witness to it all as our journey in #Outsiders continues: 

Mending ties with Cuba could form a cornerstone in the foreign policy legacy for Obama [AP]

Image Source; Al Jazeera/AP 
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