Notations From the Grid: On a challenging World, the US Political Scene & A "Thought 4 the Week"

As we begin our new week, it is quite a challenging 24 hours in our World.   The situation in Yemen continues to be ever so horrific as Saudi Arabia continues its' bombing campaign.    Foreign Nationals are escaping via land, air and sea.   Pakistan has been asked by Saudi Arabia to contribute to the campaign.   This is as we have seen the latest out of Syria and our founder commented on Twitter to underscore the horror in Syria right now:

 It is also slated to be a very busy week on the US Political Scene as we will be witness to announcements by Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton.    There is also Marco Rubio as well will be announcing his intention soon.    One of the Democrats operatives we here @ #Outsiders keep tabs on is Karen Finney who is a top Democratic  Operative   has worked for Barack Obama and is an expert on Communications.    We view it as one indication of the impending Clinton Announcement especially as office space has already been finalized in Brooklyn.

Congress is also coming back next week as the debate over #IranTalks gathers steam.  What is striking is how opposition to it in the United States and Iran is so striking in similarity.    BBC Farsi spoke to one of the Wall Street Editorial Writers, Sohrab Amari,  that signifies some of the opposition in the United States as Iran's Political Elite and some of the key players in the Region--Including Saudi Arabia-welcome the move.      It was interesting how Mr. Amari laid out an analysis of the political process without underscoring the Presidential Prerogative in this regard.     In many ways, both President Rouhani and President Obama are kindered spirits:

On a positive note, We hope all enjoy this "Thought 4 the Day" : 

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