Notations From the Grid For the Week-End: On #Irantalks (A lot of What if's) :-)

The US Sunday Public Affairs Shows featured the Israeli Prime Minister rallying against the #IranDeal that we have noted over the course of the ensuing days.     There was some semblance of balance as Senator Feinstein noted how The Israeli Prime Minister needs to "Contain Himself".   Senator Graham, though, called Obama a "Weak Negotiator" .

As The #IranTalks become embroiled in the Presidential Sweepstakes, the World though is taking notice.    The World has generally welcomed the deal--including Saudi Arabia's King Salman.   What was telling was this profound analysis by the Independent's Robert Fiske--The Middle East correspondent for the Independent-- about a lot of "What Ifs":

Robert  Fiske has been reporting from the Middle East for over 30 Years and knows the Middle East better than anyone.  He's the one who exposed the Human Rights abuses by Ariel Sharon, lived through the Lebanon Civil War and documented the horror of the Iran-Iraq War.   The "What ifs" he's noted is every so critical to observe and reflect upon as the debate gathers steam and as Israel musters up its' very considerable influence to scuttle the deal.

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